Our recipe boxes are filled with everything you need to create
great-tasting meals that are healthier for you and healthier
for the planet.

Each box is delivered to you from our home on Ewerby Thorpe
Farm in Lincolnshire.

Thrive nourishing recipe boxes



home-grown, 100% pasture-fed meat, that’s rich in Omega 3, vitamins and minerals and with a flavour that’s second to none


Good for you

nourishing ingredients that are proven to boost your health and wellbeing



locally-sourced vegetables from a selection of hand-picked growers


Planet Friendly

nature-first farming methods that help reduce the carbon in our atmosphere

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Healthier planet

Championing sustainable farming to help fight climate change

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It’s about seriously tasty food that is good for us and for the environment.


We’re proud to use regenerative farming methods that are kind to the planet. Methods that nourish and replenish the soil and that can actually help fight climate change.


All our carefully selected ingredients are chosen for their wonderful flavour and health-giving properties, whether it’s improving gut health, aiding brain function or boosting the immune system.

Because good food changes everything